Laundry Service in Kerala titling #1 in Sustainability and Affordability

What sets us apart?

Four Line Facilities

Created to fulfil your specific Laundry requirements as well as your Home Care needs

Affordable Service

Do not worry about the price of this service anymore. It's made Affordable for everyone

Convenient Delivery

You may WhatsApp or Call Us to place your order. We will take care of the rest!

Easy Payments

Want to use a Card? Ready to pay Cash? Comfortable with UPI? Well, choose according to your ease!

Eco-friendly Products

We make sure that our services do not cause any damage to the Environment

Sustainable Practices

We make sustainability a reality, even with the waste generated in our factory

What Our Customer Say?


Amazing Customer Service! I'm impressed with how professional they did the AC cleaning. I can't help not saying about their humble behaviour. Keep it up!


Thanks for the option to choose payment methods conveniently. Well, I could easily calculate the price myself with the price calculator and the list.


I liked your do more pay less concept very much. Previously, I had to pay a large sum to other laundry service providers when I had a considerable amount of clothes to wash. But now, it's lesser when the quantity increases. Thank you, Nova!

How Nova Cleaners Works?

Our Pricing

Wash & Fold

Troubled with the clothes that are piled up to be Washed and Folded?

No issues, Nova is here to help!

Clean & Press

Want to get your fabrics Washed and Steam Pressed?

No worries, we will fix this!

Dry Cleaning

Scared of washing your delicate and non-cotton clothes?

Don’t worry, let’s Dry Clean them!

Home Care

Perplexed about who will help you with your home care needs?

No more chaos as Nova is the Boss!